Titanfall: Alpha to the Zulu

If you’ve even been pretending to pay attention to the gaming scene then you’ve probably heard about Titanfall. The game is what happens when a fast-paced FPS takes a wrong turn at Albuquerque and ends up in the middle of a giant fighting robot convention. I’ll talk about the game more in a later article, but today I’m just going to talk about something awesome that a reader sent me earlier.

We already know that video game raps are a thing, but it’s not often that the songs come out before the game is even released. But I can honestly say that by DEFMATCH is what got me thinking about the game. Remember the description I gave the game earlier? This song captures exactly the kind of energy that I expect from a game like this. When you’re not reenacting Pacific Rim, you’re bouncing around the map like Speedy Gonzales with an assault rif-wow that sounded less racist in my head. The confidence that DEFMATCH projects when he raps matches perfectly with both the feeling of piloting an invincible mech and the sheer balls it would take to try to take one of them down on foot.

I’m looking forward to more songs from DEFMATCH. He’s a Canadian rapper, which only makes the song even more impressive. I for one had no idea that Canada had video games or internet until I got his email. You learn something new every day. His YouTube channel is and you can follow him on here.

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