Why We Need a Multi-Platform Pokémon

You know what I’d like in my claws? A Pokémon game on anything not made by Nintendo. We all know that the Japanese company is a bit selfish when it comes to its IPs, but that may be changing in the next few years. What better game to start this revolution than Pokémon? You might be sharpening your pitchforks at the porspect of filling up a Pokédex on an Xbox, but let me explain myself before you light your torches.

The most obvious reason for publishing on a third-party console is of course, graphics. I’ve been playing Pokémon games since its first release back in 1996, and looking back now at the 8-bit glory of it all, I can only imagine how young Anna would react to a HD, 3D Scyther leaping out of the grass on a big screen TV. I might have been traumatized, but childhood hardship builds character, after all.

In addition to scaring little kids, better graphics would let us see the Pokémon world like we’ve never seen it before.If you’ve played the latest instalment, you’ll know that the game does strive for beautiful scenery, but it just doesn’t quite get there in the way that games like Beyond: Two Souls does. People don’t always realize how much of a difference graphics can make until they see the effect. Go and play Pokémon Red, and then go play The Last of Us. When you can see the raw emotion in every of Ellie’s features, it just overturns any reaction you might have to the digital image of your beloved Pikachu, I’m afraid. So Pokemon, go HD, and go awesome.

Another reason would be how much the gameplay could be expanded. Nintendo consoles are great, but they’re nowhere near as advanced as Sony and Microsoft’s machines. The console’s designers even felt that having a quiet console was more important than having a powerful one. On the 3DS, Pokémon is the same as ever; it’s a series of cities with a stretch of landscape or terrain set in-between, a very minor universe compared to that of games on current generation consoles. I dream of a Pokémon region the size of Skyrim, with the exploration depth of New Vegas, and the vast beauty of the Witcher! It would be incredible! A truly open world Pokémon, where you can explore a world bigger than you can imagine, with Pokémon running wild all around.

Thirdly, having a game like Pokemon on other current generation consoles is a revolutionary gaming change, which gives the franchise a chance to completely reboot everything without having to justify why. This way, they could entirely change the way Pokémon battles work. Now I have nothing against turn-based play, but I do feel that it lacks some of the intensity of action combat.

In turn-based you could just set the game down and go make yourself a cup of tea, but in action combat, you are so immersed in the tension and the moment of that fight, the rest of the world might as well not exist until you are victorious. So, instead, they could take the chance  to turn Pokémon battles into a more intense form, maybe assigning your four moves to a button, and just fighting head on! It would be great fun!

Another note on the chance to entirely revamp its game play could also be its linear narrative, where you must defeat gyms, a certain team, and then the league. They could involve more option based choices or moral effects, getting to choose whether or not to defeat or join Team Rocket would be pretty damned cool. Moral effects could draw from your treatment of your Pokémon – if you’re not nice to them, they could turn on you and then you’ve got an angry Mewtwo on your tail. All of these things could easily be designed on a next generation game, and more too! And I’d love it all!

Ok, so now maybe I’m just giving GameFreak ideas, but I still feel this game should exist! A revamped for third-party consoles Pokémon could revolutionise the franchise and not to mention that it’s billion or so loyal followers would all love it and more importantly, buy it in a heartbeat! So do it Nintendo! Hand Pokémon over to the big boys and let this game come to pass!

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