Abstergo Entertainment – Could This Soon Exist?


For those of you who don’t know, Absertgo Entertainment is a subsidiary company of Abstergo Industries, the main antagonist behind the Assassin’s Creed series. Absertgo Industries, a multi-million dollar corporation with global control and necessary conspiracy beneath it all, can, with all the money they have, branch out from their initial quest of the pursuit of the Apple of Eden, and have done this through the business of Abstergo Entertainment. A business which is, strangely, a video game designer. Yep, its a game within a game. Gameception (I am so sorry for that)!

Abstergo Entertainment uses the technology of the Animus, Abstergo’s central technology system, to delve into DNA and with it uncover the memories of great historical characters, such as Connor, Ezio and Altair. Through this “science”, the company is automatically provided with prime stories and setting that, with a little work, would be the perfect basis for a best-selling game. Forget writers and art designers, just drill into people’s heads and get the  ideas from there! With the Animus behind them, Abstergo have the entirety of our history to turned into a virtual world.


As I was recently playing Assassin’s Creed: Black Flag, I began to wonder. Could all this happen one day? Video games have quickly become one of the most popular industries in the world. Triple-A games routinely rake in billions and the unfortunate motion control fad showed us that they’re always pumping funding into new hardware. Sure, the Xbox One and PS4 might not look like much, but just imagine what we’ll have twenty years from now.


In certain aspects of technology, we are surprisingly close. The Oculus Rift is getting pretty popular these days. It seems like every other week someone’s found a new use for it. We’re from the Animus, but mankind is clever, I don’t doubt we could get there if we tried. I mean, scientists recently stole the breathing apparatus seen in Star Wars. Why not try and build the Animus too?


We’ll solve the charred eyeball problem eventually.

For the most part, Abstergo Entertainment does not seem like such a far off dream. Yeah, the DNA memory thing is a bunch of bullsh…no, don’t cry. I guess I should have sent the little kids out… okay now the adults are crying too. Anyway, we’d be better off exploring the human brain instead. We’ve got much more promising research in that area. Why scientists don’t research concepts from video games more often I’ll never know.

Abstergo featured

This is the future right here, boys and girls.

This is the future right here, boys and girls.

Finally, Abstergo Entertainment weirdly breaks the fourth wall in one of the games by claiming they are allied with Ubisoft. Sounds familiar?  So, who knows, maybe Ubisoft is using Black Flag as a front to see our reaction to a gaming company run via human memory. You heard it here first: Ubisoft has secretly designed the Animus, and is biding its time for retail release. Working at Abstergo Entertainment would be the most incredible job. Imagine it: running in the shoes of Edward Kenway all day? Leaping from trees, hunting whales, but without physical effort or pain? Paid to live inside a game. That’s like my heaven.

Or not.

Or not.

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