The Console Wars – A Circumstantial Loyalty

The console wars have dominated the gaming industry for years now. The battles were fierce, the fights bloody, and the war one we will remember for years. Sonic and Mario may now play in the Olympics like good friends, but older gamers remember the bitter rivalries between Nintendo Knights and Sega Soldiers. That console war was so momentous that they are even planning to make a film based on the industrial conflict, which  shows how important console wars are to those fans involved. And it is no different this time around, with the Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

Sony may have won the sixth generation with the PS2, but there was no clear winner in the last gen. It won’t settle; you’ll forever have fan-boys/girls shouting at one another over which is the best. In my opinion, no one console is ever going to be better than the other; it’s simply a matter of what kind of gamer you are.

Think back to the announcement conference for the Xbox One. What do you remember? That’s right, TV, sports and mocapped dogs. I feel this is because Xbox has decided to take a different route down the road to “family console”. In having features such as Netflix and TV compatibility, as well as the family friendly fun of the Kinect,  it allows parents, elders or too-young children to get involved in the same console as the teen or young adult that originally wanted it, and so, the family is far more likely to buy one.

This way, everyone is happy. The little kids can dance around with the Kinect, the hobbyists can go nuts on Titanfall and the adults can gather and binge-watch House. Microsoft’s focus on wide appeal makes sure that everyone is happy, including Microsoft.

Along the same lines, Xbox also aimed to bring in friends. They want various people to buy the same console so that they can get online and play a certain game together. This not only adds funds via their internet connection but also makes a group of gamers loyal to one console, for if they hope to play with friends, they need the same one. That adds up to a lot more sales.

The PS4, on the other hand, did not follow in the same path. If the Xbox planned to head to the family zone, they would appeal to a certain audience as well: the lone gamer. Look at some of the most popular Playstation exclusives: Heavy Rain, the Infamous series and The Last of Us. What are they? Single player games. The Xbox exclusives? Titanfall, Halo and Gears of War: multiplayer games. The Xbox aims to bring together various gamers, and while the PS4 can do this as well, such as with Killzone, it is not its soul goal.

The PS4 creates games for solitary playing experience. These are the kind of gamers that will play a game all through the night, no interruptions, no distractions. They don’t need friends to play and they don’t want family butting in on their game time. And so, the PS4 has crafted itself to their style of gaming, a lone form, in which having many players is not a necessity, and the engrossing ability of the game is. There are many of them. The bachelor console, of sorts.

So, in this, the console wars are not so much about which console is better than the other, i’ts more about the gamer in question’s situation. If they are of a younger age, say a teen, and live with family, they’d be better off convincing parents that the Xbox One is beneficial for the entire family, and in this, get a free console that you don’t have to pay for.

However, if you’re older or do not live in such a family orientated environment, the PS4 may be more up your street, for it accommodates your bachelor lifestyle, offering games that do not require others constantly around you, and a more single-player experience.

For me, I’m saving for the PS4. I’m a student and away from the family, and as I’m a girl, very few of my friends play games the way I do – and so multiplayer never really lured me in. Single-player is the best form of gaming I can get, and so, it looks like, even after a lifetime of having the Xbox and the Xbox 360, I’m making a move to the PlayStation! A betrayal? No, simply a change of situation and gaming circumstance.

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