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I’ll always remember my very first live sporting event. It was a hockey game, my dad got free tickets for my brother and myself. I was instantly swept up in the uproarious excitement of the thousands of fans sitting amongst myself. It only escalated when the players hit the ice, the chanting and cheering of players’ names when they made a play or big hit had me mesmerized. The players themselves were just regular people no different from those crying out their names yet they were larger than life due to the hysteria and idolization. I never thought I’d experience emotions similar to that day, then I went to the North American League of Legends Championship Series.

The North American League of Legends Championship Series (NA LCS) is essentially the professional league for League of Legends. They play every week garnering hundreds of thousands of viewers by means of streams. There is also a European League held in Germany. Since Riot began hosting live broadcast this season my friends and I immediately began planning our trip. As fans of the LCS and LoL it instantly appealed to us. Tickets are not expensive and it’s held in Los Angeles. I’m glad to report it did not disappoint by any stretch of the definition.

Held in an active film lot the building itself is tucked away in the back, visitors are escorted to the studio. The stage itself is massive sporting a more than large enough screen of the game for everyone in the audience to easily see while the players sit on opposite sides. Watching a game the crowd is exhilarating, as you can hear on stream the people go nuts when an impressive play is made or a team fight erupts. When players are finished their matches they go outside and meet with the fans. For many (and I really mean many) these players are celebrities or star athletes. They ask for autographs and take pictures for everyone willing to wait their turn.

If you’re a fan of League of Legends or E-Sports in general the LCS is your cup of tea. The broadcast is of the highest quality, very professional and derives the atmosphere of a big scale sporting event.

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