How to get free tokens in Asphalt 8? Asphalt 8 Cheat?

These two questions are on a lot of people’s mind and mine also. But I think I’ve found an answer.

I recently searched for a racing game for my phone to kill my free time. I remembered that 3 years ago I was playing Asphalt 8 on a daily basis. So I searched in my Play store and installed it again. I opened the game and surprise, all my saves were still there. A lot of new things like Blueprints and all kind of challenges, so many new cars.

Obviously my car collection was old and outdated compared to the new ones. And I started to play all I could find to gain more credits and tokens. Completed the daily events, the daily challenges, I played a lot of multiplayer races because these give you also rewards. I even watched some advertise to gain something. But after all those efforts my credits were still low. I was wondering how to gain more, because this was the 5th day when I was doing all I could to get tokens and credits. I really wanted to upgrade my cars and to buy the new ones. They seemed so cool. I wanted to climb the leaderboard on multiplayer. Every day I was facing opponents with their cars at maximum and I didn’t stand a chance. They also had all the boosters active. I started to think that they are doing something different. And I was right. They’ve found a way to cheat on Asphalt 8 and to get free tokens and free credits.

How and where to go? I searched for about a week, all I could find was fake websites that didn’t gave me anything. One day I was on a forum where I asked this question: “How to get free tokens in Asphalt 8?”. A few minutes later I got a pm from a guy that told me about a site where he managed to get free tokens in Asphalt 8. I was like “oh, another fake site”, but the guy’s words seemed so real and I decided to give it a try. I opened the site and connected my account. I choose the amount of credits and then I waited for the process to end. I was very surprised when I opened my game, ten minutes later, and I had like 10k credits. I couldn’t believe and I tried again. Surprise, 20k credits.

Since that day I stared to really enjoy the game. Now I have the best cars and they are fully upgraded. Now I can afford to buy boosters and compete in multiplayer. I’m in ELITE League now and I am very proud. I can play all my races boosted and be on top 50 on every race in Events.

As I conclusion, if you really want something you can get, with a bit of luck. 

Oh, wait! I forgot to tell you about the site. I am not selfish and I will share the site with you all. I want other players to feel what I felt when I discovered it. Even though this means that I will have more competition on the game I’m willing to risk it.

The site is here and you can access it from anywhere. All the process is online so you won’t have to download anything. Go and grab your free tokens in Asphalt 8.

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