Gamescom 2014

Usually after big events I like to go over the highlights of the major press conferences and talk about other big announcements. This time I’m going to try something different, let’s talk about what stood out. The good things and bad things. So without further delay, let’s dive in!

How Awesome Does Quantum Break Look?

Wow. That’s all that can be said. When Quantum Break was revealed there were high expectations, after all this is the studio behind Alan Wake. The title was revealed more than a year ago and we finally got our first taste of gameplay. Oh boy was it worth the wait. A beautiful marriage of time bending and third-person shooting is enough to show the X1 power and deliver a fresh experience.

The First Major MOBA Hits Consoles

Smite is coming to the Xbox One! The MOBA fan in me screamed with joy. Being a third-person perspective makes Smite the ideal MOBA for consoles. Newcomers to the genre will find the controls more familiar to games they’re used to and provide a simple learning curve. All the tools for Smite to succeed on consoles are there, here’s to hoping it does.

Rise of the Tome Raider Exclusive?

Square-Enix was vocal on their disappointment with Tomb Raider’s sales, despite them being quite good.Therefore when Microsoft announced the hotly anticipated sequel would be a Microsoft exclusive the internet was abuzz. There’s still so much we don’t know. We’ll have to wait and see if this timed exclusive works in the series’ favor.

Is Bloodborne Game of the Show?

For me it is. I love everything about it. The Demon Souls’ gameplay influence, the demonic atmosphere it’s all brilliant ! We finally got our first gameplay footage and it did not disappoint. This is one game to watch, plain and simple.

Indies Are Getting Ambitious

When gamers hear indie dev they think of small scale games, usually with a lot charm and passion. That’s not to say these games don’t have these, but you’d never think they’re being made by independant developpers. The first is Wild, from the creator of Beyond Good and Evil and Rayman, this incredibly ambitious title seems almost too big for a major AAA developper. An open world as big as Europe and hundreds of playable creatures seems like a dream. If Wild delivers on half it’s promises I’ll still be happy. Then we have indie mega developper Housemarque’s new title. The studio behind Deadnation, Superstardust and Resogun has yet to make a bad game and doesn’t look to start now. Think Deadnation with aliens, thousands and upon thousands of aliens. Not as big in terms of scale as Wild, Alienation has a lot to live up to and no doubt will.

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