Mortal Kombat X Hack – Guide for Free Souls and Koins

Mortal Kombat X has been around for quite a while and it still as popular as it was when first launched. Console version of the game was released a little bit before the PC crowds get the pleasure of playing it and not long after that even get a mobile version. And damn, is this game good!

This is literally a game that I’ve been playing for a year and a half and it still manages to be just as good as it initially was. The amount of polish and attention to detail in this one is amazing. Even though it is not an identical copy of the console version and is more of a dueling card game than a full-fledged freestyle brawler just like most of these games on mobile devices, it is still an amazing title!

Mortal Kombat X Mobile Gameplay and advantages

So, as with the other brawlers on Android and iOS smart phones / iPhones and tablets iPads, this one is that exactly like it’s original version. Does that mean it’s bad? No, the game is simply a little bit different and some aspects that are present here are not present in the original console version of the game. For instance:

  • this is a 3 versus 3 battle system

  • each character has a unique ability that he or his entire team will benefit from

  • if these abilities are unique for every character

  • different characters can link together a bunch of their abilities and depending on your character type, they may boost certain affects and abilities of other cards (characters) in your team

So there’s an element of strategy right there. Rather than going on full offensive with a single character, you have a team to manage. The thing with teams is that they always have the strongest and weakest link for every occasion. This means that you will have to constantly be on the lookout in this game. As the situation changes your team will have to adapt to it or you’ll get trampled for not paying attention.

But as you might’ve guessed, there’s a downside to this. It’s free to play game and you will have to unlock or pay for each and every one of these characters. Of course, if you want to have a serious team and stand a chance against some of the games most challenging aspects, you will have to have more than a couple of characters. And this is where it gets confusing.

There are multiple currencies in this game and more or less, all of them are used to purchase and upgrade characters. With the help of Mortal Kombat X cheat you can get all of them for free! This will make your time spent playing a lot more enjoyable, that we guarantee you! Let’s have a quick look over these currencies.

MKX Mobile cheat can:

Hack Souls

Souls are the most important currency and at the same time, you guessed it the premium one. Souls are used to purchase all of the characters cards in this game. This is your primary means of advancement. There is nothing that you can’t buy with just the right amount of Souls in Mortal Kombat X!

Hack Koins

Just like Souls, Koins are a very important currency in this video game. Use these Koins to purchase characters, just like you do with Souls. So what’s the difference you might ask? First and foremost is that Koins can only be used to purchase bronze and silver cards. You cannot purchase gold cards using Koins! So why would you want to generate Koins instead of Souls? Beats us… We just provided you with the means to do so in case you have a reason to.

Hack Alliance Points

Quite honestly speaking, alliance points is kind of pointless. We still made it possible anyway. Alliance Points are used to randomly obtain a single card. You need a couple hundred of these two open alliance pack which will contain a random card. You can do this with both Koins and Souls but once again, we are not here to ask why you need these Alliance Points, we’re here to provide you with the means to get them for free.

Hack Bloody Rubies

These Bloody Rubies have recently been introduced to Mortal Kombat X as a way to reward successful PVP players. The more you climb the ranks on the leaderboards, the bloodier it gets and more rubies flow with more blood. Unlike the previous currencies, rubies are actually useful for things other than buying player cards. Of course, you can still use them to buy some unique flair cards which are totally bad ass but you may also option for buying weapons accessories to use later on. All in all, bloody rubies are great to have.

And now that you know all of the games currencies and what you can use them for your probably asking yourself

How can I cheat Mortal Kombat X Mobile?

Don’t worry, it’s not that hard.

All you have to do to get all of these free Mortal Kombat X Souls and other useful resources is to simply click or tap a red button on this page.

Once you get there, simply fill in the form with necessary information.

You will need to provide Mortal Kombat X tool with :

  • your in game username

  • operational system that you’re playing on

We will never ask for your password.

We do not need that information to make this work and anybody who claims otherwise is lying to you.

Click on the connect button and let the generator synchronize with the game servers. Once that is done, simply use the form below to specify the exact amount of resources that you want to add to your game and click on “generate”.

And that’s it!

You just successfully started the process. Wait for a couple of minutes before logging into your game. Allow our generator to process all the information you provided it with so it can deliver everything you asked to your account. This shouldn’t take more than a couple of minutes.

Thank you for your patience and cooperation, we hope you enjoy your game like never before!

Oh and, tell your friends about us so that everybody can get everything they want from their games.

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