Are there any free steam keys giveaway in 2018?

Many sites are giving false promises of free steam keys and games exists online. They all want you to complete a survey (which earns them money) for you to get your game key. The funny thing is hardly any of them work.

This is the prime reason why we decided to give you the website from where you can get them for free. We got sick of all these phony sites and decided to create one that delivers as promised.


In principle, their business model is the same as the fake sites. They offer steam keys in exchange for you completing a survey. However, the DIFFERENCE is the fact that we DELIVER YOU A FREE STEAM KEYS.

That’s right – They purchase Steam keys in bulk which mean that the few dollars they earn from you completing each survey make their business model financially viable. Furthermore, if they don’t have any keys in stock they will let you know BEFORE you complete any surveys – sounds fair? We agree!


They refill inventory on a daily basis and add new games gradually as they are released. In case they don’t have a certain game now then check back a week or so later and we might have obtained keys for it.

In case they don’t have a certain key in stock, they will let you know before prompting you to complete a survey.

They have been in market for over three years now.

They have been online for more than three years meaning that they have built up a trustworthy reputation during their time. Using that service you can feel convinced that you’ll get exactly what you got promised.


Unlike the scammers, they are running a legitimate business. They have expenses like a legitimate business and are even registered as one.Get your free Steam codes!

The tutorial video is coming soon!


Where is X game?

While we try to keep up with the latest releases, it is sometimes difficult to get game keys at an affordable price for the newest games. Please be patient as we’re always doing our best to get the latest games.

Why do you have surveys?

Even though we acquire the Steam keys in bulk, they still require funds. Therefore we need to display a survey to incorporate these expenses.

Are the games legit?

The games are purchased directly through Steam, so they’re as legit as it gets.

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