Cheats Castle Crush – Guide for unlimited gems and coins

When you say Castle Crush you instantly think of Clash Royale. Why? Because it is an excellent alternative.

Castle Crush is a castle crusher game for Android and iOS platforms. It is similar to the Royale game from Supercell and it uses a similar card system. The battles however are much simple, and more fun. The game has 3 lanes where you and you opponent will deploy your troops. A simple drag and drop and your cards will be on the battlefield. Do not be fooled by its simplicity. The game has a lot of strategies for you to make. For example, you could focus all your forces on a single lane or you could split them. It only up to you how you play.

The game is card based, so you will have to collect, power-up, and arrange your cards. But here comes the trick. Even though, the game is simple and fun at start, it becomes harder and harder. How? Well, a lot of player complained that the game favorize players that pay. In this case I don’t think you stand a chance. I am sure you have noticed battles where you get only useless cards and your opponent get exactly what they need. Here is the point where I want to get.

What is the solution if you like the game so much and you don’t want to quit? You will have to pay for the gems or you could use our guide that will give you unlimited gems and coins.

How to get free gems and coins on Castel Crush?

To make a good deck you will need cards, a lot of them. You also need to upgrade the cards, so they can have a good level to compete with others. To get these cards you need gems and coins. These two are the game main currency. You are rewarded with them after you win a match, but the reward is very small. In this case you are forced to use a Castle Crush cheat for free gems. Fortunately for you we have exactly what you need.

Cheating Castle Crush has never been easier. With just a few clicks you can add a ton of gems to your account. How?

You noticed a big button on top of the page, please scroll up and click that button. You will be redirected to the cheat page. Here you will have to connect your game, insert the username and click next. On the second page choose the number of gems and coins and click generate. Wait a few minutes for the process to finish and the open your game.

You will notice that being with your gems at max the game will favorize you as well. Start winning and start opening unlimited chests.

Final thoughts

It is said that what is simple is the best. This is the case with Castle Crush, a simple game, with simple gameplay and good strategy. This it what makes it fun and adored by millions of players.

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