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Without the shield, enemies can very quickly get you, and you have to start the mission from the last checkpoint. It should be noted, however, that the cover of concrete or stone may be damaged, so it is also important to move between covers.

Also remember to pivoting from behind screens – if you show a minimum visibility of your body, making it harder hitting opponents.

Use grenades, C4  or M320 when enemies are hiding behind skirts, and you can not do with the rifle.Collect weapons from the bodies of enemies, so they are added to your inbox with weapons.

You do not have to keep them with you if you do not want to – just pick up her only once, and then you throw it away.Use the appropriate weapon for a given distance.

For example – if the opponents are close to you, use a rifle or shotgun, but if you are in a safe and far from the enemies, then use sniper rifles.

Try to aim for the head. Provides you with both killing an enemy with one shot, and the greater number of points.


This is useful when almost every challenge, because of the stresses of every opponent on the battlefield, making it much easier elimination.Often spend command eliminate your team.

This speeds up the killing enemies and rewards you with additional points.In each mission, the player can achieve three types of badges: bronze, silver, and gold.

  • Gold is obviously the most desirable, and they also reward our weapons that we can use both the campaign mode and in multiplayer mode.
  • To earn a gold badge, you have to reach a given number of points ( the required amount varies with each mission ).
  • Get points for a variety of activities that boil down to one thing: killing enemies.
  • What is important is, however, a way to eliminate enemies: for ordinary killing ( let’s assume that shot in the chest ) you only get 100 points, but for killing a headshot will get an additional 25 points.
  • In the case of multi-discipline ( killing several enemies at once ), you get 100 points for each enemy you kill and 100 bonus.

You will not be able to use the weapons found with the single-player campaign in multiplayer. However, you can get the weapons available in multiplayer for completing certain missions reaching gold badge.

Here is the video tutorial to learn more about basic gaming strategy in battlefield 4.

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