Asphalt 8 Ultimate Guide 2018. What is the best car in Asphalt 8?

Asphalt 8 is definitely the best racing game on mobile devices. Cool cars, nice tracks and a wonderful multiplayer experience. The game is constantly updated with fresh content and that keeps the community close. This also means that new cars are constantly added. This makes it hard for you to choose the right car. So what is the best car in Asphalt 8? To this question we will try to answer.

In this guide you will find what car suits you best and what are the best cars in Asphalt 8 Airborne.

Best Car in Class D

D class is the lowest class in Asphalt 8. Here are the cheaper cars the ones that a beginner should first buy to get some credits, tokens and to advance in the career mode a bit. As a beginner, beside Dodge Dart GT (the car that the game forces you to drive), you should go with the Audi R8 e-tron. This car will help you farm some credits at the start. Ok, so let’s see what is the top 5 in this class:

5th place should go to the highest rated car of the class, the Buick Avista Concept. A high rank doesn’t automatically mean that is the best car. The handling is not very good and the speed in not top of the class. The price is also high 2500 tokens for what it does is very expensive.

4th place goes to the sexy nanoFlowcell Quantino. This is a real opponent for the Cobra in multiplayer. With a tuning of 0808 you can win a lot of races online. This car nitro efficiency is very good so an extra tank is not always needed. Beware because this car has a bit of fake speed but overall is good.

3rd place is taken by Alfa Romero 4C. The car has some decent stats, that complete each other. It has long nitro duration. This car can be useful in career mode but also in multiplayer. I had some pretty rough matches against it.

2nd place is the second best car of the D class, the Donkervoort DB GTO. It is the best car that can be bought with credits and every player should have it in his collection. Is very good in multiplayer thanks to her incredible acceleration. You could gain a good advantage at start or you could do a takedown. Be careful because the controls are very sensitive especially when you are drifting. You could easily crush.

1st place is for the Mazda RX8. This car it has everything you need for a class D car. Awesome acceleration and awesome speed. The only minus is that the nitro efficiency is not that great. For a better efficiency I recommend a 0808 tuning. This car will win you a lot of races. Beware because it is only for tokens to buy. 1100 is the price, but it worth it.

I did not include the Shelby Cobra in this top because it is a very hard vehicle to get so only a few will have it.

Best Car in C Class

As we continue the cars are getting stronger. The Class C has also 5 cars that are above the otters.

5th place The McLaren M14A is the first Championship cars. It is decent with good speed and acceleration. A car that doesn’t slip should definitely be in your garage. But be aware if you didn’t get to play the championship and you collected the blueprints, to upgrade it will be a real pain. It requires Serial Racing Engine and they are very hard to collect.

4th place is taken by Renault Alpine. This car can only be achieved thru Blueprints. It requires 6 Legendary and they are very hard to get. If you didn’t get it via the R&D it will be hard for you. The car is very balanced, good speed (not the best), good accelerations, very good controls and an incredible long nitro.

3rd place Honda Civic Type-R is a fun to drive car. Being the highest rank doesn’t make it the best car. Its low speed drags her down, just like the Alpine. The acceleration and the handling is very good. You can use it on short tracks like Sector 8.

2nd place Mercedes-Benz CLA 45 AMG Racing Series. If you want a cheap and affordable Class King this is the car for you. A very good top speed places it on the second place. The only minus is the drifting that it is horrible, but I am sure you can go over it.

1st place Sbarro Sparta is the king of C Class. This car was first available via Enduro Double Down now it can only be obtained thru Blueprints (16 Rare). In the majority of the events this car will triumph, Sector 8 is the only track that can put it in difficulty. That’s why you should choose long and straight races over the technical ones. With a 0808 tuning you will be the king.

UPDATE: Renaul Trezor: With one of the best acceleration in his class, the Trezor can take some advantage in online races. This care has a huge nitro duration being the best car in the game at this chapter. However, the speed is not that great and can be easily be beaten by the others top C Class cars. As I told you above, the car will handle a lot of online races if you tune it that way.

Best Car in B Class

Before reaching to the top I want to tell you about DS Survolt. A car that every beginner should have and upgrade. This car is one of the best farming cars, it will bring you a lot of credits and does good in multiplayers also.

5th Ferrari GTC4Lusso. The only Ferrari that is an Elite car. His high speed can’t compensate for poor start and handling. This car is a very bad choice for multiplayer races. It can do very good in some events but that is all. If you want a true king of B class read below.

4th Lotus Evora Sport 410. The best ranked car of this class is not the best one. The Evora is mainly a collector’s car. His top speed can’t be compared with other cars from its class. It has good drifting and good acceleration that will help if you play events or lower rank multiplayer. I do not advise to play it in multiplayer.

3rd Holden Coupe 60. If you want a top speed car from b class, this is one to buy. Good acceleration and good handling will help you dominate every event. The slower acceleration doesn’t affect too much. If you are going to use it in multiplayer I advise you to focus your upgrades on top speed and nitro. Also choose long tracks where your top speed to have effect. So collect the 10 Rare Blueprints and assemble this car quickly.

2nd McLaren MP4/8 is a rival for most top B class cars. Being a Formula One car it has an amazing acceleration, the best in the game. The main advantage beside the acceleration is the handling capabilities. On short tracks like Sector 8 OR Dubai it can’t be beaten. You will dominate events and low ranked multiplayer races with it. You will notice that in almost all multiplayer races you will see a McLaren MP4/8 car. So start and collect those Blueprints.

1st Mercedes-AMG GT3 is the King of B class. This car stats are very balanced, they are all good. You will get the best times on most of the races. In multiplayer it can beat easily other S class cars. But beware to tune it properly, not to high because you will face stronger opponents from other classes. The cost for this cars is 6.700 a bit high, but worth for a king. Remember GT3 is an elite car this means that after a few races you will have to tune up.

Best Car in A Class

As we advance to higher classes, the cost for each car also increases. Most of the top 5 cars from this class require Legendary Blueprints that are very hard to get.

5th place: Sin r1 is a top A class car that also requires Legendary Blueprints. If you get 18 you can assemble right away. This is a good car for multiplayer. With proper tuning (0505/5050) you can win a lot of races in multiplayer. Very effective on short tracks it can beat a lot of A class kings.

¾ place:Mercedes-Benz SLK 55 AMG Special Edition. It also requires 18 Legendary Blueprints and is one of the kings in multiplayer. Due to his high speed is almost unbeatable in multiplayer. The car is not as good on acceleration; it is very slow. That’s why it won’t be so good in events. The handling is also not that great, is very sensitive and if you touch a wall you will lose a lot of speed. This is not a car recommended for short tracks.

¾ place: BMW 3.0 CSL Hommage is the fourth fastest car in the game and it has a good handling. The nitro and acceleration are not that great, in fact they are very poor being a heavy car. Despite that the car does very well in multiplayer. With a rank of 1560 you can beat cars like Aston Martin Vulcan or Arrinera Hussarya GT.

2nd place: McLaren Mercedes MP4-25 is the fastest accelerating car in class A. The handling and drifting are one of the best in the game. His top speed is not that great but due to his other specs you can beat a lot of other cars especially in multiplayer. Beware that it is a bit slippery and in multiplayer is very annoying. When you notice the car is going to the side just start drifting and you should be able to control it. Overall the car is great, you will finish top 1000 in almost all the events. With a proper tuning you will dominate the multiplayer.

1st place: I gave the first place to the Chevrolet Corvette C7 Grand Sport due to his top speed. The car is not available to buy anymore with tokens or Blueprints. It was offered as a reward for the Enduro Double Down and not many players won it. Now we will have to see when Gameloft will make it available again. So the car is basically focused on top speed and nitro. If you don’t mind a heavier to control car and you like high speed this is the car. The acceleration is not great but you will recover the lost ground when you reach the top speed. I am not sure if it is a wise choice for multiplayer, especially if you are a beginner. Your skills will count very much. His poor acceleration makes it bad on short tracks. Its extremely speed makes it ideal for long races. The final verdict is that Chevrolet Corvette C7 Grand Sport is the A class king.

Best Car in S Class

5th place: Mosler Land Shark is a well-balanced car. All stats are ok if you upgrade them. Players are using this car for its price. Is the cheapest car from top 5. It can be bought for 10.900 or 2.2 mil. If you want to compete with the elite this is the fastest way.

4th place: TRION NEMESIS is the former king of his class. Even though has a slower inferior sped than the Mosler Land Shark it compensates with his acceleration. At maximum upgrades it can compete against top 3 kings. I recommend using it for shorter and technical tracks. If you go long, his lower speed will disadvantage you.

3rd place: McLaren MP4-31 is a Formula One car; this means that has only PRO upgrades. It is the best ranked car of the game but is not number one. It has excellent top speed, handling and acceleration. The nitro duration is not that good, that’s why is on 3rd place. This car requires a good driver, his handling is very sensitive and can be very slippery. A major problem players are facing is that of finding engine Blueprints. But with enough luck you can upgrade it.

2nd place: Arrinera Hussarya GT was first presented as “the Vulcan killer”. Well it was very close to that title. The car is great one, with all the stats wonderful and a very easy to drive car. It suits perfect for multiplayer races. No event will be too hard for you with this car. With a proper tuning you could easily get top 100 in each S class TLE.

1st place: Aston Martin Vulcan is THE KING of S class and the king of the game. His performance is superior to all other cars in the game. It is an amazing car to drive and it can win any race in the game. It is also very expensive on purchase 14.250and on upgrades. I recommend all players if they can afford to buy the Aston Martin Vulcan.

I hope this article will help you decide which car to buy from each class or which one is fitted for you. Remember this top can be subjective and you might have different opinions about it. If you want to share your opinion or leave a useful comment, please use the line below.

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